manabu hassegawa's

S.C.F.,A. web site

■ They are paintings by hassegawa.

■ Almost of them at here are NOT business works. They are very small parts of private works or studies or doodles.

■ Business, commercial ones are not so funny... Or NOT permitted to show.



■ A study for fake NIHONGA CG paints.

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■ Vamp 〜晩婦〜

■ A creature paint for Japan summer.

■ UBUME 姑獲鳥

■ A ghost of pregnant woman, a mythical monster bird, one of Genji clan heroism tales.

■ King of Carcosa, The King in Yellow, Prince of Evil.

■ From the Cthulhu mythology.


■ One of ancient Chinese mythological creatures, gives the whole of the nature knowledge.

■ Now his painting, drawing or prints are put in houses as an amulet.